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that's life

no hay mal que por bien no venga

10 December
currrent residence: riverside, CA
birthplace: manila, philippines
black hair, brown eyes

born in the year of the black water tiger
on dawa in the tibetan calendar
on somvara (chandra-the moon
)under brihaspati in the hindu/vedic calendar
on qui auitl, the sign of the rain in the aztec calendar
on the feast of nuestra senora de loreto and san melchiades in roman martyrology and saints mennas of egypt, hermogenes and eugraphos in the greek and russian synaxarion
two-spirit celibate male
synchretic animist
ethnic/racial and cultural background: mutt (i.e.-
austronesian: malay/borneo, sumatra, philippines, asian-: china, mongolia,india, european- iberia/ spain, native american-indian: nahua -central mexico and southwest US (i.e.-aztlan)
mixed-media visual artist, aspiring writer and yerbero/herbalist

hau kola
chao mung
tashi delek
ni hao ma
que tal

at this point, this journal is friends only.....however i am open to anyone respectful and sincere enough. if you feel we got something in common you can relate to or are on the same wavelength...feel free to leave me a message or post or email me and let me know if you wanna add me as a friend (and why would be nice too)...having said that.
welcome and one love :-)
if you happen to have a disagreement or problem with me (although i can't imagine someone having a personal problem with someone from the intenet they've never even met in person or ever likely to (although these days in the "age of the cyberspace" there are those who do have problems with people/strangers from the internet....you may already know the type i'm talking about), or something i've said, i'm open to a dialogue or discussion.
oh....and if you're gonna use something from my journal, be a mensch or at least decent enough to ask first, i'll most likely say no problem if you wanna quote or use something i wrote.
abba, absolutely fabulous, andre rublev, animals, anime, anton gaudi, atole, aung san suu-kyi, baraka, bhangra, billy bragg, black adder, bob marley, bodhgaya, cavite, cesar chavez, chieftains, clannad, codco, cookie monster, cosi fan tutti, cotton boxers, crouching tiger hidden dragon, curanderos, david bowie, desmond tutu, dim sum, drumming circles, ds-9, dzi beads, elo, fawlty towers, flogging molly, freddie aguilar, frieda kahlo, gamelan, gardens, gasworks park, geronimo, gitano music, grunge, guadalupe, harry potter, herbs, hidalgo, hobbits, homemade cookies, il postino, indigo girls, indra sharma, jason mraz, jataka stories, jesus christ superstar, jizo, jose rizal, julia butterfly, k.d. lang, kikujiro, knishes, kuan yin, kundun, last emperor, latcho drom, lemon grass tea, lion dances, little buddha, lourdes, malcolm x, maria martinez, marinduque, martin de porres, matachines, milarepa, millenium actress, mingei, moby, mohandas k gandhi, monsoon wedding, monsters inc, monty python's flying circus, moorish fountains, mozart's requiem, nasi goreng, nature hikes, new order, nhat hanh, nirvana, nusrat fateh ali khan, nw folklife, ofra haza, olatunji, oscar romero, pampanga, patchouli, pearl jam, peter gabriel, piroshky, pompoko, posadas, potlatches, princess mononoke, pujas, ravi shankar, red dwarf, red thunder, rem, rigoberta menchu, rolling stones, romani, rosaries, run lola run, sai baba, samosas, sanatan dharma, sandalwood, santa fe blue, santuario de chimayo, satyajit ray, seattle, smoke signals, sno-cones, sound of music, spirited away, star wars, t'ai chi, talking heads, tenzin gyatso, the beatles, the cranberries, the last emperor, the matrix, the mission, the pogues, thich quang duc, tibetan prayer flags, tillsammans/together, tim burton films, toad the wet sprocket, turquoise, two-spirits, u2, ukrainian eggs, waking life, watership down, weezer, winnie the pooh, world cup soccer, x-files, young ones, zines